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1) How do I place an order online?
  • First time user: Thanks for shopping with us. At Platinum, you will find thousands of styles featuring current trends from hundreds of top designers, all at 20% to 75% off retail prices. Platinum strives to be the store of first resort for designer fashion by offering the most compelling combination of selection, value, service and convenience.
  • How to Shop: At Platinum, we want your shopping experience to be easy and fun, but most importantly, we want you to find what you're looking for, so we offer several ways to shop.
  • Shop by category: This is the perfect place to start shopping, if you are looking for a shirt, a pair of pants, or any other item. Our site is divided into 7 departments; women, men, kids, jewelry, house, handbags, and gifts ideas. You can access the departments by clicking on the corresponding link on the top section of any page. Once you are on the department page, the left side will have a list of categories. Once you have selected a category, you can refine the category further by subcategory, size, color, designer, or price by selecting the criteria you wish to view.
  • Shop by designer: Maybe you're the kind of person who buys everything from one designer. To shop by designer, simply click either women or men at the top of any page to be taken to that department. Click on the link that says "shop by designer" on the upper left-hand side and you will be taken to a page with all of our current designers, listed in alphabetical order. Once you have selected a designer, you can further refine the results by size, category, color, or price by selecting the criteria you wish to view
  • Shopping With Our Search Tool: You might already know exactly what you're looking for and, therefore, want a focused shopping experience. Our search tool saves you time by letting you enter in exactly what you're looking for (Ex: "pink sandals"). No need to look through pages of black, camel and red shoes!
  • Shop What's New: Browse our newest styles by clicking on the "New Arrivals" link found on the Homepage, as well as the Women's, Men's and House department pages. New styles are added all the time, so be sure to come back often.
  • Shop What's on sale: You can browse through the items that are on sale by clicking on the link clearance sale on the top section of the page.
  • The Shopping Cart: The shopping cart is where you keep your selections until you are ready to check out. It works just like a cart in a store. While you are still browsing, it will hold the items you wish to purchase. Keep in mind, though, that it only holds items while your session is open. If you close your browser or leave the site, you may lose the items in your bag. To save items for a longer period, you will need to have a Platinum account. Click "My Account" at the top of any page to create your Platinum account. When you have an account and the site recognizes you, we will remember the items you leave in your cart whenever you visit Platinum Be quick, though, because if it's an item with low inventory it may sell out while you're waiting. You may review what you have put in your shopping cart whenever you wish. All you have to do is click on the link to "shopping cart" at the very top of the page and you will be able to see all of the items you are currently holding in there. It even keeps track of how many items you've placed in it as you continue to shop on the site. Once you click on the "shopping cart" link, you can see a picture of the piece(s) you've placed in your shopping cart, as well as a brief description, the Platinum style number, the size you'd like, the price and the quantity. From the shopping bag, you'll also be able to either add or remove any item. You can do this simply by entering in the number of items you'd like and then clicking on the "update quantity" button. If you change your mind about an item, all you have to do is click on the "delete" link underneath the number of items. If you choose to leave the site without checking out, your shopping cart will only retain your selections for 2 hours, before they are placed back onto our virtual shelves so other customers have the opportunity to make a purchase. Again, it works just like a shopping cart in a store; if you left a retail store to have coffee and then returned later during the day, it is most likely the items in your cart will have been placed back on their shelves for other customers to purchase. Because Platinum sells items of limited quantities, we urge you to purchase the items you are interested in when you see them. The next time you visit, they might be gone! If you require shopping assistance, please feel free to call us.
  • Checking Out: Once you have found what you are looking for and added all the item(s) you wish to purchase to your shopping bag you are ready to check out. From your shopping bag, click the "proceed to checkout" button. If you have already created a Platinum account, enter your email address and password under the "returning customers" header and click the "log in" button. Unless you have already created a Platinum account, click the "continue" button under the "guest checkout" header. Simply follow the steps outlined and provide the necessary shipping and billing information to complete the checkout process. You will be given the option of creating a Platinum account, which will allow you to view your order status, edit email preferences, and much more.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: It's not easy to make a purchasing decision when all you have in front of you is a computer, a pretty picture and a description. What if you buy an item and it doesn't fit? Platinum wants to make sure you're happy with each and every purchase. If you're not satisfied with what you've bought, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked, as long as the item's in its original condition. For your convenience, we will include a pre-paid UPS merchandise return label with every order. If you use this label and opt for a refund to your credit card, a return shipping fee of $6.95 will be deducted from your refund. If you opt for the credit to be applied to your Platinum account for future us with us, we will cover the shipping costs. If you prefer, you may use any other return shipping method at your own expense. Once we receive your order, we credit the appropriate account within 10-14 days; we also send you an email to let you know the refund is complete.
2) How do I know that my order has been processed?
  The purchase process ends when you are assigned an order number. This order number is assigned after Platinum has verified that the information you submitted when ordering is correct. You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail with all the details of your order.
3) Is there a limit to the number of orders that I can place?
  Platinum allows its customers to purchase up to seven items per order. If you are a dealer or middleman, refrain from ordering on Platinum as your order will be blocked.
4) Can I order by phone or Fax?
  Our customer service reps would be happy to take your order by phone; but to protect your security, we do not accept faxed orders. Please feel free to call us to place your order.
5) Is it too late to make changes to my order?
  In order to provide our customers with the quickest possible delivery, we ship all orders within a very small window of time after an order is placed. If you have already placed an order and wish to change it, please contact us as soon as possible.
6)Once I have placed my order how can I check the status online?
  It's quite simple. Click ORDER STATUS enter your order number in the box and click SEND to view the status of your order. My Platinum registered users have immediate access to the history and status of all their orders in the section My Orders inside MY Platinum If have not registered with My Platinum yet, do it now!
7) Does Platinum ship to an international address?
  Yes, we ship our orders almost in every country in the world.
8) Is it possible to place an order from a country different from its destination?
  Yes. It is not possible to place an order from a country different than that of the destination. NB: The courier service cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes, FPO or poste restante offices.
9) Can I send a gift abroad?
  Yes, you can send a gift anywhere in the world.
10) How do I send a gift?
  It's easy and fun to send a gift! Just choose this option on the first page of the basket under GIFT OPTIONS when placing your order. On the delivery page, you will be asked to enter information regarding the sender and receiver. You can even choose to have your order beautifully gift wrapped. You can also add a gift certificate to the package with a personal message and, if you like, also have that same message sent to the receiver via e-mail. If you do not include a message the parcel will arrive anonymously. So we do recommend that you include a message. Remember that if you choose the gift option, the receiver will NOT be able to see the price of the product you purchased.
11) Can I send a gift to someone who does not have an e-mail address?
  We ask you for the recipient's e-mail address to announce the gift's arrival with a personal message. If the gift recipient doesn't have an e-mail account, it will be up to you to let them know that they will be receiving your gift, if you wish. When you choose to send a gift the message you insert will be included on the Greeting Card inside the package.
12) Can I gift wrap my order?
  Yes. Just select Gift Wrapping on the first page of the basket under GIFT OPTIONS. You can add Gift Wrapping to every order even if the parcel is being sent directly to you. Your order will arrive not only in Platinum signature packaging but carefully gift wrapped in a beautiful shopping bag that the recipient can use again and again. The surcharge for Gift Wrapping is US$ 4.00.
13) How do I add multiple gifts in one gift box?
  Add the desired items to your Shopping Bag. In your Shopping Cart, click the "Add a Gift Box or Note" link near the item you'd like gift boxed. In the pop-up window, select Gift Box from the drop-down menu. Enter the fields provided. Click on "Save and Continue". Your Shopping cart will indicate that this item is part of Gift Box 1.To add another item to Gift Box 1, click the "Add a Gift Box or Note" link for the next desired item. In the pop-up window, select Gift Box from the drop-down menu. Click on "Save and Continue".
14) Yesterday I saw a product but now it is no longer there/.What happened?
  If it's gone, it means that someone else bought it. Remember that every month more than two million people shop at Platinum and somebody else might just be faster than you. Platinum is a very fast-moving world! But keep coming back to browse as we have new arrivals coming in all the time.
15) Can I cancel my order?
  You may cancel any Platinum order as long as the order status is "in process." If order status is "shipped," it cannot be canceled. A restocking fee may apply to large and heavy items cancelled after 30 days from the original order date. REGISTERED CUSTOMERS: You may cancel your web order online that are in process. Click on YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT, sign in, select "View Web Order History", click on the desired order number, and then select CANCEL next to the item(s) you wish to cancel. NON-REGISTERED CUSTOMERS, please call toll-free 1.888.774.2424 to determine order status; to cancel it, please have your order number ready. Please order personalized and monogrammed items carefully; personalized and monogrammed orders cannot be canceled, and personalized and monogrammed items are not returnable.
16) Can I monogram and personalize my gift items?
  You may in special cases order monogrammed jewelry and other gift items online. When you select an item that may be monogrammed or personalized, you will have to email us or tell us the what is to be monogrammed.The monogramming process for linens takes 3 to 5 weeks; please consider this additional time requirement when placing your order. For other personalized items, please refer to the expected ship-date in your shopping cart. Please order carefully, as monogrammed and personalized items are not returnable.
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